Finally… Funny Snores!!

  • Check out the animated nose (featuring nose hairs!) as it plays 24 hilarious named snores like “Whistle Nose” and “Alien”.

  • Can’t  sleep?  Someone keeping you up?  Sound like any of these? 

  • Record your own snores and have fun naming them!

  • Record them, name them, save them and send them (via email of course!)

  • Dad doesn’t believe he snores – record him and play it back!  Let him know exactly how he sounds.


We’ll be looking for or should we say “listening” for some good ones for the next version of iSnore. !  Send your snores to


Get the isnore today!


  •  Listen to 25 hilarious named snores
  • Record your own funny snores
  • Name them, save them and send them to someone